Epic 5 - Part 1 Patch Notes

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Epic 5 - Part 1 Patch Notes

Beitragvon Gerro Den am 13. Aug 2008 16:03

Pet Skills have been renewed. Angels, Centaurs, Salamanders, and Hawkmen have their own skills.
Pets will gain stat points with every level now.
Pet’s buffs can no longer be cast on random players; they are limited to the pet and the owner.
Two new pets have been added, Cerberus and White Dragon.

Area and Dungeon:
A new area, Veiled Island, and a new dungeon, Temple of the Ancients, have been added. This dungeon contains monsters from level 125 to level 150, the boss: Betrayal. The entrance to this new area is located south of Lasky and northwest of Rondo.

New logo and loading screen art have been added.

Rank 6 weapons and shield have been added. All enchanted weapons will now have a “glow.”
New Rank 1- Rank 5 armors and helms have been added.
Weights of certain items have been adjusted.
Players are now able to hold up to 10,000,000,000 rupees and store up to 100,000,000,000 rupees.
Decorative Pets, Helmet Crab and Sun Rabbit, have been added.
Empty bottles and Creature Wind Scrolls have been added to Merchant NPCs.

Drop rate for certain consumables have been tweaked.
All monsters can drop a pet card.

Idle animation has been added to characters and pets.
Neutral critters, such as Moon Rabbits, no longer follow when healed or buffed.
Roaming town guards have been added to towns.
Tool Tips have been added to character and pet skills.
Rupee rewards from quests have been increased.
Aggressive monsters’ names are now red.
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