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Beitragvon Gerro Den am 13. Apr 2008 13:51

rappelz.gpotatoe.com hat geschrieben:We will have our E5 updates at least a month after Korea. This is to make sure any major issues have been found before we update. Any major issues found will delay our release.

Epic 5 Part 1
This is currently live on the Korean Test Server

Part 1 Contents

Pet Skill Renewals. There will be no more unimplemented pet skills. Angels, Centaurs, Salamanders, and Hawkmen get their own skills.

Pets' Buffs will not be castable on any random person. For example, their buffs might be limited to the Pet or the owner.

Pets will gain stats every level.

Cerberus and White Dragons will be added.

New Dungeon will be added.

New Armor: 2x R3, 1x R4, 1x R5

New Weapons: 16x R6

New Cloaks: 1x R2, 3x R3, 1x R4, 1x R5, 1x R6

New Helms: 1x R1 - R5

Decorative Pet System will be added. (Crab & Rabbit)

They will not do anything yet. In the future they might have some function.

Level Limits for Dungeons

Roaming System - Roaming Guards around the outside of the towns. Unclear what future functionality they will get.

E5 Part 2
Scheduled for July in Korea. This work is not complete. I would consider it subject to change.

Part 2 Contents

Add 2 Dungeons

Possibly Add new Pets

New Armor: 2x R4, 1x R6

Soul Stones: Add Rare and Set Soul stones

Equipment: Add Set Items

Mount: A new mount, Qilin

Possibly add functionality to decorative pets, or add new decorative pets

Character Class Rebalancing-

The Developers are not planning on modifying the skill trees.

The Developers believe in E4 the base physical damage was too high, and skill damage was too low. This is what they plan to change.

The strong classes will stay strong, the weak classes will be made stronger.
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